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Minnesota Bluegrass is the monthly magazine published by the Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Association (MBOTMA). It offers a variety of feature stories, a comprehensive monthly Calendar of Events, a number of regular columns, and more. Members use Minnesota Bluegrass as a great resource for becoming more active in playing bluegrass and old-time music and for finding out about concerts, jams, and other events.

Our April issue of Minnesota Bluegrass was our special festival planning issue. Below are sixteen festivals that are listed in the issue. You can download a PDF flyer for anyone of these simply by clicking on the name of the festival below. Or dpwnload the entire festival planning guide, with all the flyers included, at the bottom of the list. Enjoy your summer.

Country Bluegrass Show 4/24/2014
Bluff Country Gathering 5/16/2014
SEMBA Festivals 5/16/2014 and 8/14/2014
Minnesota Homegrown Kickoff 5/30/2014
Northwoods Bluegrass Festival 6/13/2014
Rosemount Americana Music Weekend 6/27/2014
Black Hills Bluegrgass Festival 6/27/2014
Riversong 7/18/2014
Rec Fest 7/25/2014
Lake Itasca Gospel Bluegrass Festival 8/01/2014
Sugar Maple Festival 8/01/2014
Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Festival 8/07/2014
Lakes Bluegrass Festival 8/20/2014
Old-Time Bluegrgass Country Folk & Gospel Music Festival 8/25/2014
Cameron Bluegrass Festival 9/05/2014
Caponi Art Park Bluegrass Festival 9/14/2014

Minnesota Bluegrass 2014 Festival Planning Guide

A typical issue of Minnesota Bluegrass runs 28-32 pages and is jam-packed with information about the region's acoustic music scene. Letters to the editor give members a chance to voice their opinons. Feature stories give insight into the performers who appear at our festivals and concerts and provide current information as well as historical reference to topics on interest to musicians and listeners alike.

Frequent record reviews, tabalatures, and song lyrics help us track down the music we want to listen to and learn. The MBOTMA member band directory is listed at least quarterly to assist people wanting to hire a band or connect with other musicians. Even the advertising is informative, helping readers find out where the gigs, festivals, events, and instruments can be found.

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Would you like to see your event listed in our Coming Up section? Here is a link to our Coming Up Events Calendar Submission Form.

Print copies of Minnesota Bluegrass Magazine are mailed by the 25th of the month to MBOTMA members. To become a member, please refer to the information on our membership page. If you are already a member and want to receive Minnesota Bluegrass in electronic form instead of by postal mail, it will be emailed to you directly before it is available to the general public. If you only want the digital copy or you have problems opening the file, please contact Executive Director Jed Malischke. You can also contact the Minnesota Bluegrass editor at editor@minnesotabluegrass.org.

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