Minnesota Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Association


Thursday through Sunday,
August 11-14, 2016
El Rancho Mañana, Richmond, MN

Nominated IBMA Event of the Year FIVE Times!







Main Stage Schedule

(tentative – please check festival flyer when you arrive)

Thursday Main Stage Schedule
Sponsored by Pleasureland

Thursday Evening Show
MC: Adam Kiesling
6:00 Halvorson Family Band
6:50 Bob & Lynn Dixon
7:35 Tweener Adam Kiesling 
7:45 Rosby Corner
8:35 The Canote Brothers
9:40 Sarah Mae & Birkeland Boys
10:30 The Clay Hess Band
11:15 Close 

Friday Main Stage Schedule 

Friday Afternoon Show
MC: Sophie Galep
12:30 Hogslop String Band
1:15 Tweener: One Ukulele
1:25 King Wilkie’s Dream
2:15 The Revelers
3:00 Tweener: Family Area Talent Contest Winners
3:10 Monroe Crossing
4:00 The Travelin’ McCourys 

Dinner Break with Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers (Marketplace)

Friday Evening Show
MC: Pam Kolupailo
6:00 Poor Benny
6:50 Pushing Chain
7:35 Tweener: Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers
7:45 The Clay Hess Band

8:35 Sarah Mae & Birkeland Boys
9:20 Tweener: Ari Silver
9:30 The Travelin’ McCourys
10:30 The Horsenecks
11:20 Close 

Saturday Mainstage Schedule
Sponsored by David Vincent Guitars

Saturday Afternoon Show
MC: Kim Curtis-Monson
12:30 Dick Kimmel & Co.
1:15 Tweener: Curtis and Loretta
1:25 Long Time Gone
2:15 King Wilkie’s Dream
3:00 Tweener: Family Area Talent Contest Winners
3:10 The Canote Brothers
4:00 The Clay Hess Band 

Dinner Break with Rosby Corner (Marketplace)

Saturday Evening Show
MC: Soren Olesen & Judith Nelson
6:00 Pushing Chain
6:50 The Revelers
7:40 No Man’s String Band
8:25 Tweener: Dale Gruber and the Nobodies
8:35 Monroe Crossing
9:25 Pert’ Near Sandstone
10:35 Hand Picked Bluegrass
11:20 Close

Sunday Mainstage Schedule
Sponsored by Nechville Musical Products

Sunday Morning Gospel Show
MC: Earl Jarosh
10:00 Halvorson Family Band
10:50 Dick Kimmel & Co.
11:40 Long Time Gone

Sunday Afternoon Show
MC: Earl Jarosh
12:30 Bob & Lynn Dixon
1:20 The Horsenecks
2:10 Hand Picked Bluegrass
3:00 Raffle Drawing
3:10 Monroe Crossing
4:00 Close