In Honor of Loved Ones

The following donations have been made in honor friends and loved ones.

In Memory of Bill Monroe


Alton Larson

by his wife, Mae

Thor, Alton's beloved kitty

by Mae Larson

Jim McReynolds

Mae Larson

Lorene Clark


Larry Seldon


Beverly LaPlant

Mae Larson

In Memory of Wayne Woodard

Marette Jorgenson

In Memory of Earl Scruggs

Rolf Lund

In Honor of Monroe Crossing

Alinda Stanley

In Honor of

Larry Hansen

            Danny Hansen

In Honor of

Mary Dushane

Julie Young Walser

In Memory of Randall (Randy) Carl LaMara

A Fellow Reprobate

In Honor of Paul Rudd


In Honor of Roe Family Singers and Becky Schlegel

Rhonda Gilbraith

In Honor of David Grisman

Rolf Lund

In Honor of Jill's Cafe

Thomas and Barbara Schommer

In Memory of Jim Weldele

Rohanda Victorsen

In Honor of Jerry Horazuk

Joan & Virgil Oldre, Carman Oldre, Tina & Bob Sand, Val & Doyle Trooien

In Honor of Brian Stewart

Jo Anne Lorenz

In Honor of Russell Pond

Amy Pond

In Honor of Thomas Schommer

Barbara Sekelsky

In Honor of Tom Schommer

Anthony Stachnik

In Honor of Tom Schommer

Nancy Amerson

In Honor of Tom Schommer & Alan Jesperson

Ella Ramsey & Bill Merril

In Honor of Tom Schommer

Kristina Hess

In Honor of Tim Godfrey

Deborah Godfrey

In Honor of Tom Schommer

Dick & Jeanne Reierson

In Honor of  Tom Schommer

Nancy Wearne

In Honor of  Tom Schommer

Wendy & Michael McCourtney

Pert Near Sandstone

Sonia Reit

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